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Mom’s in the Garden
Behind the Scenes with Katie of Jefferson State Farms

Growing marijuana in Southern Oregon is nothing new. The long summer days have always provided the perfect outdoor growing climate, and only now is it getting talked about more openly and becoming less of a stigma. Family farms in the past known for their sweet corn and juicy peaches are now building greenhouses in their backyards full of Strawberry Kush and Blue Dream. It’s becoming just as normal as growing grapes for wine, and as it should be! We went and visited our friend Katie of Jefferson State Farms, whose beautiful home shines a whole new light on the modern-day family farm. 

When Katie met her husband Ben at his Jacksonville, Oregon home years ago, she had no idea that she’d be living in it one day, renovating the kitchen and repainting the walls. They met through a friend, whom she played baseball with, and they instantly connected through cannabis. Ben, an organic chemist, had a son, Taylor, who he played a great dad to, and Katie, having a young son named Julian, fell in love with his compassion as a father (and his impressive vegetable garden!) They started dating not long after meeting and later added a third son to their crew, Avery, now 6. 
Katie grew up in the cannabis industry, so it wasn’t surprising that she ended up marrying a grower and starting a family farm together. Ben and Katie have since moved from their Jacksonville home (where they were my neighbors!) into a beautiful farm in Medford with their 3 boys. Katie and Ben are partners at Jefferson State Farms and each have extremely important roles in keeping the business fluid and successful. Ben is in charge of the growing, and Katie is the boss lady behind the scenes; making schedules, doing the accounting, handling the OLCC and legalities, product distribution, and social media/marketing. On top of her busy farm schedule, she’s a mother to three boys so she handles taking the kids to school, making lunches and dinners, and everything else in between. She’s a lady of many hats! 
When Harlee and I went for our farm tour, we were blown away by the beauty of their property. Coming down the long driveway you can see their huge greenhouses with beautiful mountains in the backdrop, followed by the cutest little historic barn filled with their incestuous pet goats (don’t ask, goats are really crazy!) A peaceful stream flows behind the barn and home, and a willow tree shades the backyard. 
Katie welcomed us at the door of her house as the boys were leaving for pizza and walked us through a tour of her mid-century modern styled home. 
We immediately caught eyes of her amazing vintage furniture and she told us she was a big thrifter, so naturally she and Harlee bonded. After they oozed over all the steals she found in Oregon thrift shops, we headed out to the garden. 
Now I’ve seen big marijuana plants in my 2 years in Southern Oregon, but I’ll hand it to Ben on knowing how to grow some beasts. When you walk into the farm, you instantly notice the rows and rows of monster outdoor plants, with ladders close by so you can climb up to the tops. Everything about this farm is massive, including their greenhouses, the biggest being the 14,000 sqft 4-bay Gutter Connect DeCloet greenhouse, followed by 2 standard sized that they use for vegging. Katie toured us through all the greenhouses and explained which rows were growing which strains. Being the mom that she is, she noticed that the boys had cleaned up all the supplies and organized them just for our visit, so I’m sure they got some kudos for that!

 With Ben having a background in Organic Chemistry from Humboldt State, his methods for growing are clean and green, using natural remedies for pest problems or plant sickness. Jefferson State Farms is a Tier-2 recreational farm and they grow a variety of strains such as Dogwalker OG, Blue City Diesel, Dutch Treat, Yager, Lemon Kush and Blue Dream; but their Blackberry Kush is what they’re known for, and their favorite strain to grow. 
When we were done touring the farm and taking photos, we went back to the house and Katie showed us the upstairs of her home, where the boys share the cutest bedroom that overlooks the entire property, farm and all. We asked Katie what it was like to be a mom in the cannabis industry and she said that luckily in Southern Oregon, there are many families in the business so it’s not too taboo or uncomfortable when taking your kid to school and dealing with other moms. In the past it wasn’t something you really talked about, but these days it’s just as common as any other industry,  if not more so. 
As I rolled us up some of the infamous Jefferson State Farms’ Blackberry Kush, Harlee and Katie prowled through her closet and played dress-up in all her amazing vintage finds. As the sun set in the backyard, with hues of orange and pink, we passed around the joint, snapping photos of each other and savoring this beautiful life we get to live. 



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