We Don’t Match


Keasha and I used to spend a lot of time each week being creative together. Back when we lived in Southern Oregon, life was a little less hectic. At the time we both managed a vintage store store in Ashland, Oregon where we spent every day together.  Lately I find myself too wrapped up in the daily grind that I forget to dress up for fun and take pictures,  just to make my heart happy. It’s so easy to forget that you need that feeling of making something great with someone you love. Even if it doesn’t feel like you need it, you do. I really have to remind myself that.

Keashy and I spent this particular Tuesday evening drinking ciders and playing dress up. We always have the best time together, yelling suggestions across the house, running from mirror to mirror, trying to see if the look is complete. It usually never is with us…t’s really my fault for leaving such rad shit all over the house. There’s always at least 10 pairs on sunglasses 0n the kitchen counter, a box of scarfs on the couch, and an ungodly amount of clothing that is forever covering half of my California King bed. Sometimes it’s hard to stop adding things as you walk through the house.

Shooting with Keasha is always so satisfying. I feel free with her. She is optimistic, creative, and encouraging. We have the same relationship with fashion. Which is that we love everything about it so much that we like to wear it all at one time. We push each other to get as funky with it as we can and always test the limits with our pairings. We like to try things that may not (by popular opinion) “match.” But we don’t like to “match” anyway, so that’s okay.

Author – Harlee Case

Photographers – Keasha Brown & Harlee Case


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