Top 10 Brand Crushes


Do you ever stumble across a brand on Instagram and after perusing through weeks of content and watching their stories religiously, you realize that the girls running it are super badass, inspiring, and you totally want to be friends with them? Well, us too! Some of the following brands we have been keeping up with for years, and some are newly discovered that we’re adding to our list of all-time faves.

1. Jacquie Aiche

Me and Harlee are known to have rings stacked on just about every finger, which is why Jacquie Aiche‘s jewelry has always been a line we’ve swooned over. I first fell in love when I saw a photo of Rihanna carrying a weed leaf clutch, so I started googling and landed on her site. I was pleasantly surprised to find the most beautiful 14-carat gold rings holding precious gemstones, dainty necklaces layered among delicate body chains, and best of all, her inclusion of weed leaves throughout her line. Check out her Sweet Leaf collection, which infuses marijuana and art, in the most classy and refined way.


2. Solstice Intimates

We have been following Solstice Intimates pretty much since Natalie Maddon started her company in Arizona a couple years back. Everything made is hand-sewn and intricately designed with adjustable bands, pretty florals, and lots of velvet. She started her company by making bras for herself and as presents, and before she knew it it turned into a full-blown brand that spread through social media like wildfire. We love watching her followers climb and her business blossom. Our most loved piece: the high-cut Conjure Bodysuit, pictured third below. Her line is shoppable through her website or Maripoll in Portland, Oregon.


3. Backbite 

Backbite is run by a group of girls out of Southern California, and if you’re looking for the most epically curated range of vintage leather jackets and the softest band tees ever, then look no further. We love the way they shoot and style their pieces and it’s super rad that every babe in the gang has her own batch of shoppable, curated vintage gems. Their ‘In House‘ line, which features custom vintage pieces that are made to order, includes the “Have a Nice Jay” tank, one of our favorites.


4. Vida Kush

I first discovered Vida Kush for her gold, weed leaf knuckle rings. When I started Ladies of Paradise in 2014, selling jewelry from my international travels, I reached out to LA-based stylist Ann-Marie Hoang and sent her some of my jewelry to help me promote. One of the lines she always styled my pieces with was Vida Kush and they worked together perfectly (check center photo using one of our afghan tribal belts). It also helped that she was best friends with owner, Rhianna Cooper. We love the way Rhi mixes boho and rock and roll, and while “Vida Kush” technically means “Live Gold”, pretty sure she gets down with all kinds of Kush.


5. Poppy Lissiman

I personally own more sunglasses than pretty much anyone I know, so the fact that Poppy Lissiman makes it on this list is a no-brainer. Not only are her shades super retro, fun and quirky, but everything else in her collection is sick as well. Her bags are all amazing and eye-catching, plus they’re made with vegan leather. The Australian-based designer started her company in 2008 and exclusively sells her line on her e-commerce shop.


6. The Creatures

This is one of the newer companies we’ve discovered and we’re really digging their vintage-inspired line, which includes badass motorcycle jackets, high-waisted serpent bell bottoms, and the sickest form-fitting jumpsuits. The Creatures also has a curated Vintage part of their section, and you can bet that their hand-selected finds are just as dope as the clothes they make. With their models commonly smoking a jay in their styled out shoots, we think these guys are dope AF.


7.  Top Knot Goods

Top Knot Goods is owned by Girl Boss Natalie Chalmers out of Los Angeles, California. Her fun graphic tees include super cute sayings like “Legalize Dreams”,”Play With My Petals” and “No Rest for the Rad“. We love the playful-yet-naughty aesthetic they shoot in, especially their latest campaign shot by Filthy Mouth Creative in Santa Monica, featured below.


8. Dazey LA

Danielle Nagel is the owner of Dazey LA and if you’re looking to get creative and inspired on the daily, then I’d suggest following her on Instagram (@danidazey), especially her IG stories. Dani is one of the biggest girl-power crusaders out there and we love watching her videos on just about everything that has to do with being a chick in the fashion industry and running your own business. She’s a photographer, graphic designer, genius on photoshop, and loves to collaborate and support other brands. One of her mottos (and designs) reads “Don’t Hate, Collaborate” and we couldn’t love her more for it.


9. LENNI the label

LENNI the label reigns from the land down under, and lemme tell ya…Australian girls kill it at effortlessly chic, bohemian style. Like some others on our list, this label started as a custom re-worked vintage shop and evolved after increasing demand for more products. The owner, Lisa “Lenni” Stricker, started her namesake line in 2013 and sells her brand through her online store and 2 Australian stores. Our favorite get-up from LENNI is the Rumi pants and jacket combo.


10.Gelareh Mizrahi 

This is a new designer I came across when searching for products that are marijuana-related, yet have a classy and refined aesthetic. I first came across her mini pot leaf clutch and fell in love, but then I checked out the site and literally wanted everything. My favorite of  Gelareh’s collections is the Stoned Collection, naturally, which features brightly colored bags in the shapes of french fries, an eyeball, slice of pizza, over-easy egg, and my favorite, the gap-toothed, lipstick-plumped lips. Galereh Mizrahi started her brand in 2013 and is a Parsons School of Design graduate. I’m assuming she likes to blaze up a jay here and there, too.



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