The Art Of Flash



First and foremost can we acknowledge Keasha Brown’s effortless beauty in these shots?! Shooting her is a real treat. Especially when I get her in something as sassy as this get-up! You’re welcome people. We started the night shooting cramped into windowsills and open doors, trying to catch any natural light we could. Struggling as we usually do to get the best shot with limited sunlight. Until our friend, Portland Photographer, Nic Porter dropped in to teach us a lesson or two about using a flash. Little did Nic know she was fulfilling all of our hopes and dreams. We love flash photography! It adds the perfect edge every time.

Nic, being the angel she is, walked us through it step by step. Either her shooting and me holding the flash or vice versa. She showed us all the magic that night. I was freaking out the entire time because every shot was better than the next. Once we felt more confident with our “flash skills” and also maybe because of the amount of ciders we had finished, we were ready to get weird with it.

Keasha had been saving this mannequin hand for the perfect shoot and this was it. You can’t imagine how hard the three of us laughed as we put the hand in every position you could think of on Keasha’s body. You really can’t go run locking your self in a room with 3 girls, a flash, and many many ciders without expecting to get some sick ass photos.


Model – Keasha Brown

Photographer – Harlee Case & Nic Porter

Author – Harlee Case



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