Witchy Women Party With Tokeativity


Toke and treats, with witch’s brew

Joints in the hands of an all-girl crew

The Tokeativity events we’ll remember forever

Because girls know that girls are better together

Tokeativity is run by Lisa and Sam, a female ganja-loving duo out of Portland, Oregon. Using monthly themed social gatherings as their calling to unite women of the Portland cannabis community, they have created a beautiful way for women to collaborate, engage and empower one another…all with a joint in hand!

We first met Lisa and Sam at our own canna-girl house party, and Lisa was the first to arrive. She immediately asked what she could do to help (which is a prelude to her being the ultimate collaborator/supporter!) and we got to talking. I gave her a run-down of Ladies of Paradise and what we’re about and she gave me the Tokeativity down-low.

Once Sam showed up, the wigs and glasses came out, with our sequins sparkling and the cameras flashing. All of us agreed that we needed to collaborate on something brilliant and amazing together, and that’s when we got asked to partake in the appropriately-themed October Tokeativity event, Witchy Women.

With this event, we wanted to offer the same fabulous styling options we had at our last party, this time they’d be shoppable. We set up a styling/shop area, but Ladies of Paradise just wouldn’t be us without a sick set (or 2) to shoot photos in. We spray painted our infamous peacock chair gold for the ultimate Witch’s thrown (for solo shots), and covered a sofa in gold sequin sparkles for group shots with Witchy Women decorated in gold on the emerald painted wall.

We met so many rad girls at the Witchy Women event, it’s hard to keep count!

If you were one of the babes we photographed at this event here is a link to them! Enjoy, post, and make sure to tag @ladiesofparadise and @emilyannebphotography


Make sure to tag @ladiesofparadise and @nicporter



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