Summer Has To End

Summer is long over, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still thinking about the cannabis and jams of the warmer months.

“Music is my life. The only thing more fun than making music is making music infused with the magic of cannabis.”

Reva DeVito is a singer/songwriter based in Portland, OR. Inspired by the dwindling supply of warm days, Reva teams up with Wildfang and photographer Aaron Levy to plead for a longer summer.

“I love to smoke a nice hybrid when I’m in a writing session,” Reva says. “I feel like my experience is enhanced and I allow my ideas to go for wild, lyrical and melodic adventures.”

Reva and Aaron draw on a bright, washed out palette with styling by Crystal Geller.


Photographer and Author – Aaron Levy

Muse – Reva DeVito 

Stylist – Crystal Geller

Clothing – Wildfang



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