Electric Garden with Sue


It’s dirty work being a grower but Sue manages to be covered in dirt and still know she is sexy anyway. We see you baby girl and we know you are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. I’m so happy I had the chance to go play dress up with this ray of sunshine while she got her daily duties done at Oregon Girl Gardens. I was so impressed by there beautiful farm and welcoming staff. At girl gardens, they are all about sustainability. It was so cool to learn about the steps they are taking to be eco-friendly. After visiting once I knew we would have to go back and get all the woman of the garden in some shots and do a full spotlight on their farm. I won’t give away any details but these ladies are even using native Oregon frogs to help rid of slugs, bugs, spiders, and other pesky invertebrates. These ladies are doing it right and it’s amazing. Stayed tuned for a more detailed report on what the women at Oregon Girl Gardens are up too.

Muse – Sue

Author – Harlee Case

Photographer – Harlee Case

Jewelry – Stickstonestlye




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