Drip Sweets and Gem Stoned


What do cannabis-infused gem stone candies and whimsical pastel fairy babes have in common? First of all, magic, and more specifically, the launch of Dripsweets’ new line of edible candies,  ‘Gems’, this past weekend at AK Studios in Portland, Oregon.

We have loved Andi Bixel from the day we met her at our LOP launch party. She showed up decked out in the flyest gear, lookin like a 90s-vibe Gwen Stefani with plaid pants and her hair in mini-buns on top of her head. She brought us over some of her infused ice cream and instantly we were hooked.

With the launch of Andi’s new line, Gems, we were happy to be included in the getting-ready process, involving brightly colored make-up by Amelia and pastel and translucent-colored everything. Blossom slayed it on beats and rhythmwith her contagious energy and brilliant voice.

AK Studios was amazing, and we were lucky to have the talented Anna let us play in their for the night. Jewelry maker, interior designer and overall badass are a few of her qualities.

We had a blast snapping photos all night and reciprocating all the good vibes that go along with being at a Portland cannabis industry event. Have fun posting the photos from the night and don’t forget to tag @dripsweets and @ladiesofparadise. Much love!!!


Author – Jade Daniels

Photographer – Harlee Case


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