13th Going on 30 Party – Jades 30th Birthday



Our second Quarterly party was a truly special occasion. We celebrated Jade’s 30th birthday that night with of course the most fitting theme possible, 13 Going on 30. The night was full of laughter, good times, great weed, and even better company.

Each event we throw, get’s better and more of a premium experience. This Quarterly we had 2 cannabis bars, each filled with top cannabis brands like Golden, Dog House Brands, O.Pen Vape, DipStick, Leif Goods, SugarTop Buddery, Quill, 7 Points Oregon and more, all from our favorite dispensary, Jeffrey’s Joint. We transformed an entire room into the Kandy Pen‘s Art Installation where Harlee Case, photographed the fabulous guests throughout the night.

Downstairs was reconstructed to be the ultimate lounge. Where people were playing pool, dancing to the awesome DJ we had, and talking with new friends on the couches.

Oh, and did we mention the food this time was amazing! We had a Chicken & Waffle bar with both vegan chikin’ and regular chicken from Afuri, as well as regular and gluten-free/vegan waffles for those who have allergies or be vegan. Accompanied by some other yummy munchies to get you through the night once those munchies hit! Not only was the food section lit, but we also had an amazing candy bar! Full of all your favorite Haribo treats, chocolate galore, and more non-medicated Serra x Woodblock Chocolate bon bons than we could imagine, which was all delicious!

Towards the end of the night, to finish the party off there was a surprise in store for Jade Daniels. We planned with Aminah from I Am Baked, LLC the most amazing medicated confetti cake! She had no idea it was coming and was beyond happy, Aminah helped me make my vision come true of giving Jade the most amazing birthday cake and reminding her it’s not just our Quarterly, it’s her birthday and she deserves a damn cake!

One of the main reasons we love throwing events is because it’s a fun and entertaining way to come together, talk, and shatter stigmas! We had so many amazing people at the 13 Going on 30 events, people who are busting their asses to change the world, doctors studying cannabis, dispensary and farm owners, people who use cannabis to help heal themselves and so many more! Thank you all for being so awesome and coming together to celebrate where we are in cannabis as well as rally together to take it further.

We love you,

Ladies of Paradise

Link to all photos – https://www.dropbox.com/home/LOP%20Content%20(1)/sections/Events/13%20going%20on%2030





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