Ladies of LA – Infused brunch with Chef Luke Reyes



Our first Ladies of Paradise infused brunch party turned out to be an ethereal display of rose petals, glitter, and over-the-top courses by  Chef Luke Reyes that kept us all asking for seconds. The guests were a blend of fashionistas, photographers and ganjapreneurs, and what an incredible thing to use cannabis as an excuse for us all to come together!

Having lived in LA prior to ending up in Oregon, and with a background in fashion and styling, we had a list of friends who are bloggers, models, stylists, and designers that we wanted to meet up with during our LA trip. After connecting some last-minute dots, our original plan with Faith Silva and Luke of grabbing lunch in LA escalated into a 20-person infused lunch catering to our curated group of influencers and industry experts.

Luke Reyes of La Hoja infused-dining experiences absolutely nailed it with each course. After the girls mingled and blazed on Zeki Farms, we began our magical brunch, starting with a crispy grain salad with heart of palm and tarragon, which was insanely tasty. As Luke and his team brought out each course, we passed around joints from Stone Road, laughed, sang, and bounced from table to table, making new friends and introducing everyone to one another.  From accessory brands like Blunted Objects and Vida Kush, to cannabis professionals like Zoe Wilder and Jesse M, the vibes at our lunch were fashion-meets-cannabis, and that’s pretty much who Ladies of Paradise is, to a T.  We can’t forget to mention our favorite vape pens, the RUBI by Kandy Pens, that circulated the party. I can promise you one thing, there was no shortage of getting high at this lunch.

Our next course was an infused-olive oil baked chicken with olive, lettuces, tomato, avocado and soft egg. This one was my favorite dish, and even though I hardly ever eat chicken, I had to try it! I’m glad I did too, because this was a crowd favorite and we cleared every plate! We wrapped up our brunch with desert, naturally, and this, too, went without disappointment. Sweet potato wanna cotta, oat crumble and mint were the highlights of this dish, and every girl with a sweet tooth was happily satisfied.

Stoned, fulfilled, and with new friends is how we ended our day, and something that we’ve realized in this journey through the cannabis industry is how inclusive and relative it is with other industries. Theres a symbiotic relationship that exists with cannabis and people of all interests and industries, and there are ways for everyone to be involved. Happy Ladies of Paradise is here to bridge these gaps and bring people together.

Til next time , LA!


Special Thanks to all the incredible brands that we included in our swag bags for guests.

District Edibles

Kandy Pens

Deviant Dabs

Erba Collective

Zeki Farms

Humble Flower Co.

Stone Road Farms

Here is a link to more photo by Harlee Case & WETHEMUS




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