Pizza, Weed, Girls Night!


On National Pizza Day we hosted a small, exclusive sleepover, with the best of best cannabis supply, and it was amazing! What more can you ask for when you have some of your best girlfriends, vegan pizza from Pizzicato,  7 Points Oregon flower, and Willamette Valley Alchemy concentrates? Nothing. That’s right, you can’t ask for anything more!

With a selection of 3 different bongs, a beautiful pipe from Jem Dust, and a Bee-Nail, we were all pretty high in the sky. Which is how us Ladies of Paradise love to be. Especially when you have delicious strains from 7 Points Oregon like Cherry Pie, Voyager 1, Moon Puppies, and Sunset Sherbet.Plus amazing dabs full of terpenes from Willamette Valley Alchemy, the favorite from the night was the Voyager 1.

We started the night off with some amazing tunes and obviously great weed, then our amazing friend Ashley showed up with the most insanely beautiful flower crowns, and from there it was a photo op!

There’s no better way we rather spend National Pizza Day than with our amazing friends and some of the best flower and extracts in Oregon!


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