Moroccan Nights


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go to a private cannabis dinner? Do you watch Bong Appetite and go crazy thinking of what one of these experiences would like? To have a chef specially make and infuse a meal just for you and your guests? I did. So Ladies of Paradise decided to create an experience for ourselves and share it with you. 

LoP first started working in LA when we partnered with Luke Reyes of LA Hoja to present the Ladies of LA, Galentine’s Day brunch. So of course, it was only fitting that when we came back to produce a private cannabis-infused dinner, that we worked with Luke and his team from La Hoja again. 

We worked closely with our friend and total boss, Erin from Gingerly Witty, who let us use her gorgeous and perfectly designed house for, Moroccan Nights. Erin is an amazingly talented designer and business women! Not only does she own Gingerly Witty, a lifestyle store based out of Los Angeles, CA, but she does all the purchasing, intake, customer service, everything! She’s a one-woman show and working with her was amazing. 

Now for the details you want, Ladies of Paradise partnered with Kush Bottles to host Moroccan Nights in LA. The guests arrived around 7  and were seated to eat at dusk, to catch the sunset and glimpse of the Hollywood sign in the distance. Guests were greeted with the choice of a delicious Mint Mojito Mocktails or Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea, and the option to infuse the drink with the Releaf Tincture. The Releaf Tincture captures Papa & Barkley’s whole plant infusion into a cannabinoid-rich tincture. This 30:1 (CBD:THC) tincture has 900mg of cannabinoids in a whole bottle, and is ideal for whole body chronic pain and inflammation.

The first hour of the event was a mimic of a cocktail hour with no cocktails. After guests got their drinks, there were a few areas to chill while waiting for everyone to arrive. With multiple lounges, in one we screened Casablanca on the white cement walls and set up couch style seating for guests to relax. In the lounge Hyer was there serving Deviant Dabs with their innovative technology, which was perfect for the guests, being able to dab effectively without a torch or having to plug the device in. Also in the Casablanca lounge, we had Pistil Point there with their fire flower, and your choice to smoke out of the Jane West bongs provided by Kush Bottles, or the exclusive Moroccan Nights pipe collaboration we did with Stonedware Company. 

In the second area, we created a Hookah Lounge with Stoned Road Farms. We set up low tables with floor seating, two hookahs, with preroll and hash for the guests to enjoy. Also in the Hookah lounge for the first portion of the night, Natasha Amrita Singh was there doing amazingly beautiful Henna for the guests.


After a while and all the guests had arrived and we’re feeling comfortable from the CBD drinks and lounges, they were seated and dinner was served using some of Broaden Goods beautiful and authentic Moroccan dishes.  

Yes, the food was as delicious as the menu sounds. Even writing this my mouth is starting to water again!

In between the courses we had various smoking opportunities. Pistil Point was served to each of the three tables and in beautifully crafted ceramic bowls made by Stonedware Company. Accompany each bowl was a specially made, limited edition, one-of-a-kind Stonedware pipe that was crafted with love in Portland, Oregon. Working with Ariel on this was amazing, she’s a kick-ass woman, making some of the most beautiful designed pipes in the world. If you don’t know her, check her out!

Another fun treat to come to each table in between courses were the Cobalt Jane West x GRAV bongs provided by Kush Bottles paired with, of course, more fire ass Pistil Point. And final and true treat of the evening was celebrating Calivolve’s new luxury CBD truffles. The m’hanncha with almonds are orange were also topped with the cherry CBD chocolates as a surprise to the guests to not only enhance the dessert’s flavor but to also help counteract the psychoactive effects of the meal.

Once everyone finished their meal, we thanked all the sponsors, the team who helped make this event possible, and of course our guests for being apart of this magic. To thank them, we gave each person a Rubi by Kandy Pens fill with Proof Extracts distillate, as well as a goodie bag provided by Huf Worldwide full of tons of amazing treats! Like Huf’s new Smoker’s Lounge collection, Calivolve luxury edibles, Pistil Point, Deviant Dabs, Stone Road Farms, and so much more dope shit!

After these private cannabis dinners are over and the guests are chilling, it’s always fun to see how relaxed and mellow everyone is. Multiple people I spoke with were going to go home and relax, watch tv, or even go to bed. It’s amazing to see the difference in mood and vibes at cannabis dinner parties versus a ‘normal’ dinner party with alcohol. Everyone was respectful, no one got sloppy, and the company and conversation were superb.

Working on events like these and with companies like Kush Bottles and those above are always so refreshing! To plan cannabis events and private dinners, aren’t just events. They are a creative and peaceful way to fight the stigmas that cannabis and cannabis users have faced. And anytime you’re fighting a battle, it’s important to have solid people and supporters on your team, which is exactly what Kush Bottles and other sponsors are doing, working TOGETHER to shatter those stigmas and to show that cannabis truly is so much more than what we’ve been told.

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