Sasquatch 2018: One for the Girls


Theres nothing like the feeling that takes over you when arriving at Sasquatch Festival, setting up your glam camp, dazzling each other out with glitter and then making the trek up to the notorious hill overlooking the main stage of the breathtaking Washington Gorge. This year, we ganged up with all our best girl friends to take on our favorite festival of the year. From our protest with security for #freethenipple rights (more to come…), to physically carrying out Harlee with sprained ankle on Day 3 (rage and rally!)……girl power was, to say the least, turned up super high.

Our femme-filled weekend started off on Friday with no one other than Seattle-based Thunderpussy, getting us amped up for days to come. These babes killed it with their dance moves, synchronistic heavy metal moves, and all around, kick-ass nature. Friday’s other favorite memories including to dancing around to Snakehips, bouncing up and down to Vince Staples, and getting weird with Tyler the Creator.

Festivals are so much for us because we love the feeling of getting to dress up super extra with your best friends and bounce around from stage to stage. Harlee and I had the best time throughout the weekend searching through the crowds and picking out girls who dressed up for the fest and paraded around with festival fashion pride. Everyone loves getting a compliment on a well-thought out outfit, so photographing these babes was so much fun for all of us. The culture at Sasquatch is so engaging and symbiotic and everyone there is just down for the music and good vibes.

The best part of the whole weekend was Day 2 when we found this beautiful, blonde-haired, gemstone-adorned, warrior princess of a babe wearing nothing but glitter and chains, full nipples out. She was brave and beautiful, and naturally we wanted to take a photo of her. As we were shooting her with her girl gang, we were confronted by security and she was asked to be escorted out due to said body parts being on parade. We obviously couldn’t take this guy seriously, as we pointed to our topless male-friend and noted that his nipples were showing also. This little episode turned into each one of us flashing him simultaneously until he eventually felt overpowered and left. Girls rule. Day 2 faves include Pup, Petit Biscuit, Jai Wolf and of course, a longtime favorite, Modest Mouse.

Now everyone knows the Day 3 feels of a camping festival. Dirty, a little delirious, probably didnt eat enough. But we have a saying in our crew, “rage and rally,” and well, folks that’s what we did. As a matter of fact, midway through the day Harlee was walking over a speed bump and took a fall, spraining her ankle and landing herself in the ER tent. No worries though, cause like any good crew we carried her out and rolled her around the rest of the day in a wheelchair. Anderson Paak was our favorite of the weekend, and was the bumpin’ (and bubblin!) show that ended the night. Thank you Sasquatch Festival for another magical weekend, and until next year, the magical and wonderful gorge.





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