Neon Safari


One of my favorite parts of hosting events, especially cannabis events, is bringing the community together. It’s especially amazing when we get the privilege of bringing these events to communities who normally wouldn’t or haven’t had cannabis events; and that’s just what we did with Neon Safari! We grabbed our sparkles and headed South!

Believe it or not, us Ladies have quite a place in our hearts for Southern Oregon. With the founder, Jade Daniels being based in Southern Oregon, Harlee and Keasha both grew up there, and Leighana even a little more Southern. So hosting an event in Grants Pass was no question, and I think they were excited to have us there too.

This event was our first with live music from the infamous Southern Oregon band, Slow Corpse. Having a live band changed everything! They we’re beyond groovy and so on point reading the vibes of the party. We wouldn’t of been able to bring such an amazing band that put out such great vibes without the help of our family at Skyline Isolations though. They have been with us and supporting us for 3 out 4 of our quarterlies now! And with each event we partner with them on, it only gets better and spreads more love and awareness for this amazing plant.

Not only did they host Slow Corpse, but they provided 15 minute CBD massages,

because what better way to try their massage oil than from a professional masseuse? Yeah… I don’t know a better way either.

High Desert Pure was serving up dabs at the event so of course our girl Leighana had to partake. Just incase you got a little too lifted Oleo had our backs with the CBD refreshments.


Oh yeah, did you happen to catch our talented friends painting during the event? They’re in love and you can see it in their art. We were so stoked to have them there!

Neon Safari was a great representation of the cannabis industry as a community that not only values
education and safe exposure to products, but the importance of collaboration and partnerships. Ladies of Paradise shows a great face for the industry, and throws a spectacular party! All in all, Neon Safari was a hit… pun intended.
-Claire Harden from Viola Extracts


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