CBD Dreaming



While shooting for Skyline Isolations we met up with our favorite couple Maddy & Tj for a golden hour picnic. We were equipped with CBD lotions, tinctures, & of course macaroons. Skyline Isolations even has a tincture specially made for animals, so naturally we had to bring their dog Tillamook. I had never photographed a couple before so this was extra special for me. 

Maddy is a women in Cannabis as well, she works for a rad distribution company called LTRMN. We met at one of their events and I’ve loved her ever since.


After relaxing on some CBD Maddy & Tj had an evening yoga session as the sun started to set, Tillamook had ideas of her own.


Tj treated Maddy like the Queen she is and gave her a foot rub after the workout, using Skylines CBD lotion of course. 


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