British Invasion


The British Invasion event marked our 1 year anniversary!

I honestly can’t believe its been 1 year since LOP was born. We have grown tremendously in such a short amount of time and we have you to thank for that.  

We wouldn’t be here without the love and support of our community of cannabis smokin’ bosses.

In case you missed it we had a giant seashell for the White Label Extracts “Octopuses Garden”  set.

It was glorious.

As you can tell we really felt the love.

Hana Hemp Co. hooked it up with the CBD essentials.

If you missed the event be sure to hit up their online store.

Their product is everything.

Just a couple of spice girls in the house.

Dabo is a new CBD/THC  coffee + tea line and were obsessed!

The THC Girls serving up dabs at our White Label Extracts bar. 

Vapexhale supplied the dab rigs and some amazing custom sleeves that were so on brand.

Kandy Pens was handing out free Rubi’s at the event.

Our girl Leighana was loving it.

Did you know Jayne is a women owned dispensary? 

We love seeing badass babes killin it!

Maddie and Tj were our favorite couple of the night.

Just look at their fits!

NW Kind + Vapexhale = Happiness

This is our graphic designer Alisha.

Check out the Bowie earrings she made!

High Noon Cult always coming in clutch.

I wish I would have caught this rad babes name because she was seriously workin’ it!


A special thank you to our sponsors

White Label Extracts 

Kandy Pens 

Hana Hemp Co.



NW Kind

High Noon Cultivation



Ashley Cleaver 

Moe Yex







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